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Want to do something nice for your children? Why not take out an Invesment or Education Policy to secure their future?

It's the best you gift you could ever give!

Enginuity Investment Range

Momentum offers Guaranteed Endowment Plans, which provide the investor with peace of mind, knowing that the investment will provide a guaranteed maturity value at the end of the five year investment term, irrespective of market fluctuations and volatility.
What are the unique features of the plans?

Guaranteed Endowment Plans are structured investments directed at providing the investor with guaranteed capital growth, coupled with the option of receiving a fixed or escalating income for a required period of five years.

Investor Investment Range

The Investo Investment Plan is an investment in an endowment policy that will mature at a predetermined time.
The Investor has 25 investmentfunds to choose from ranging from managed funds to multi manager funds.
Multiple fund linkage is allowed for the creation of a personalised overall portfolio that is suitable to the Investor's unique risk profile.
Funds may be switched to meet the Investor's changing circumstances
Contributions may be recurring or made as a lump sum.
Interest free and interest bearing loans are permitted within the first 5 yeasr of the investment contract.
The Investor can make cash withdrawals from the investment account, subject to legislation and availability.
Investment guarantees may be selected by Investors where required.
The proceeds in the investment are paid to the investor free of tax.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire further on our Investment and Education Policies as we also deal with Old Mutual.