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Please note that this is merely a brief overview of Domestic Insurance, should you wish to enquire any further, please do not hesitate to contact our office. 


Auto & General

Your home contents cover includes:

  • Loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions that you and your family members who live with you, have inside your home or the outbuildings at the address on the schedule
  • Loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, impact with your home and outbuildings, falling trees, storm, flood, the bursting or over flowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, break-in or theft
  • Food that deteriorates because of power failure or if your freezer breaks down
  • Washing and garden furniture stolen while in your home
  • Your guests belongings stolen at your home
  • Money stolen from your home
  • Loss or damage to locks or keys
  • Accidental breakage of mirrors and glass
  • Accidental breakage of TV set

Your Building cover includes:

  • Loss or damage caused by: · Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, the bursting or overflowing of geysers, equipment or pipes storm or flood
  • Impact with your home and outbuildings by animals, vehicles and falling trees
  • Aircrafts or objects dropped from then
  • Accidental damage to your fixed glass and sanitaryware
  • Accidental damage to your public supply or mains connections
  • Accidental damage or theft of your radio. TV aerials or masts and satellite dishes
  • The cost to demolish your home and to remove the debris if it was damaged by anything covered by this Policy

With Portable Possessions cover, you may claim for items you normally carry with you which are lost or damaged.

Your portable possessions cover includes:

  • Loss or damage to your jewellery, clothing and personal items which you and your family members who live with you, normally wear or carry with you
  • Something that does not fit the description of the items above, but only if we agreed to insure it (optional)
  • Bicycles, prescription glasses, contact lenses, cellular phones, borehole and swimming pool equipment only if they are specified on the schedule

Mutual & Federal

Mutual & Federal domestic cover includes cover for :

  • Household Contents
  • Buildings
  • All Risks

Household Contents

  • If the property onsured is lost or damaged by an insured event, Mutual & Federal will pay for or may choose to repair or replace it. The amount payable will be the current replacement cost.
  • If at the time of loss or damage the cost of replacing the property insured as new is greater than the sum insured, you will be your own insurer for the difference and will bear a rateable proportion of the loss or damage.

The Insured Events are :

  • Fire, lightning or explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Theft
  • Storm, flood, wind, rain, hail or snow excluding loss or damage to property in the open unless the property is designed to exist or operate in the open
  • Sudden damage to any building casued by impact


The Insured Events are :

  • Fire, lightning or explosion
  • Storm or flodd excluding loss or damage to gate and fences, or caused by movement of the land supporting the dwelling even if such a movement is caused by a storm or flood
  • Earthquake
  • Bursting, leaking or overflowing of water apparatus or fixed oil-fired heating apparatus
  • Theft or attempted theft provided if the dwelling is vacant there is forcible and violent entry or exit

All Risks


  • Clothing
  • Personal effects normally worn or designed to be carried on or by the person
  • Personal equipment normally worn or used by the person participating in sport belonging to you


  • Property described in the specified article schedule
  • Money and / or negotiable instruments up to an amount of R1 000 (if stated in the schedule to be included)


Santam's Multi Plex Policy

House contents

Your insured amount for contents will be increased annually by 10% from 15 December to 31 January, to give you that extra peace of mind over the festive season.

  • Up to R1 000 cover for contents of refrigerators and freezers.

  • Up to R1 000 cover for theft from a locked vehicle.

  • Optional extras include cover for home industry stock in trade.

All risks

The optional cover under this section includes cover for clothing, personal effects, keys, locks, cellphones, video cameras, jewellery and much more.


  • Your buildings aside, you can choose cover for accidental damage to the machinery of swimming pools, jacuzzis, boreholes, irrigation systems, garage doors and electrical gates and gardens.

(For more of Santam's options, please call our offices)

SA Underwriters

SA Underwriters domestic cover is as follows :

Household Contents

The above cover includes cover for :

  • Household goods and personal effects

  • Movable fixtures and fittings

  • Landlord's permanent fixtures and fittings, provided the Insured is legally responsible for them


The above cover includes cover for :

  • Landlord's fixtures and fittings permanently attached including fitted carpets

  • Domestic outbuildings

  • Foundations, brick, stone and concrete driveways

  • Fences (but not hedges), boundary walls and gates

  • Swimming pools, including pump and filter attached

  • Domestic boreholes (but not windmills), inclusive of borehole pumps and machinery

  • Tennis courts, sauna baths and the like

All Risks

Insured Events are

  • Loss of or damage to any or all of the insured property as listed on the All Risks Schedule, arising from Accidental Causes of a sudden, unexpected and external nature, including theft or malicious damage