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Motor Insurance

Auto & General

Leading short-term insurance company, Auto & General was voted by members of the South African Financial Services Intermediaries Association (SAFSIA), as the best personal lines short-term insurance company of the year.

Auto & General offer the following benefits to all clients :

  • Emergency Services available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

  • They offer an impressive lifetime guarantee on all vehicle repair work

  • Free Medical, Roadside and Household & Legal Assistance

Mutual & Federal

You can insure your vehicle comprehensively, meaning that in the event of an accident you are covered for the damage to your own vehicle as well as for the damage caused to other peoples' property.Your vehicle is also covered for theft and hijack.
Mutual & Federal also offers you certain benefits, these include :

  • Car Hire (At an additional premium)

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Towing Services

  • Direction Services

SA Underwriters

SA Underwriters offer affordable rates when it comes to insuring your vehicle.
In Addition to Basic Cover,SAU include:

  • Non-working pensioners over 55 at discounted rates

  • Nominated driver shall mean the insured and or his nominated driver(s) as stated on the Particulars of Insurance, be related and occupy the same risk address.

  • The limit of indemnity shall not exceed the reasonable market value of the vehicle and its accessories and spare parts at the time of such loss or damage.

  • Any private type car (including Light Delivery Vehicles with carrying capacity not exceeding 3 500 kilograms; station wagons, safari-vans, state cars and the like or similar vehicles designed to seat not more than 9 (nine) persons including the driver.)

  • Indemnify any person who is driving or using such vehicle on the Insured’s order or with the Insured’s permission provided that;

  • Such person shall observe, fulfill and be subject to terms, exceptions and conditions of this insurance.

  • Indemnity shall not apply in respect of claims made by any member of the same household.

  • Such person driving vehicle has not been refused any motor insurance.